Create your first blog on WordPress: A step-by-step guide.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to start your blog. We have helped thousands of bloggers to write more and better everyday and I’m sure you will go down this list. I prepared a simple step-by-step guide to help you trought the creation of your first WordPress blog.

But before we start, why choose WordPress instead of any other blogging platform?

  • Very easy to create a new account and to use
  • They offer a free forever plan
  • The templates are beautiful
  • It works with all desktop blogging apps, like Blogo
  • Tons of tutorials, foruns and webinars
  • WordPress community is big. Really big.
  • It is fully featured and SEO ready

WordPress indeed, is a big deal. So prepare your coffee, put a good song and get into the mood of blogging. Let’s start?

Step-by-Step guide to create a WordPress blog in less than 5 minutes:

Step #1: Go to sign up page and choose your blog address.

Step #2:
Create your account using your email. Choose a nice username and password and click “Next Step”.

Step #3:
WordPress will ask if you want a custom domain. Dont worry about it now, you can do that later. Choose “No Thanks”.

Step #4:
Now it’s time to choose a theme. Themes will always set the mood of you blog. You can change it anytime, so for now, choose a theme that match your blog subject.

Step #5:
Select the Free Plan. You don’t need a custom domain for now or premium themes. The most important thing now is get ready to publishing your first post.

It’s very good to start and never expires. P.s.: Dont forget to click on the verification email.

You’ve just created your blog. What is next?

Your site is live and to view it, open in the browser the blog address you’ve created on step 2.

As soon you open it, you’ll notice the only thing “live” is a “Hello World!” post. This is a sample content generated by WordPress to help you understand how content will look when published. It’s time to write your very first post, shall we?

Using a blogging app VS using the browser

Blogging apps are the easiest way to keep your blog up to date. According to, the advantages of using a blogging app are:

  • The ability to write posts without having to go on-line
  • The ability to save drafts
  • A nicer interface
  • Features like cross-posting to multiple blogs
  • Faster uploading and addition of photos
  • The ability to keep local backups

Browser however, can be very useful when:

  • Using a guest computer
  • When you don’t have acess to install apps
  • Using plugins that require browser management
  • Installing new themes and add-ons

Using a blogging app like Blogo: Blogo is a simple, powerfull way to write and manage blogs. Think of Blogo like a swiss army knife for bloggers:

With Blogo you have all features listed by WordPress plus:

  • Distraction free writing experience
  • Real Preview of your post, even in offline mode
  • Edit images using the bult-in image editor
  • Add videos, images and content with one click
  • Sync drafts with Evernote 
  • Blog comments management

To start blogging you will need to download the app. Blogo is free to try for 21 days and you can get it here.

Using the browser: You can manage your blog by going to website and logging in. You will find a dashboard like this:

Just click on the “+pencil button” and a New Draft page will come up. You are ready to start blogging using WordPress. Title and content (the core thing) are on the right and you can set a lot of post options on the right menu.


Conclusion: Start writing today!

Now that you’ve created your WordPress blog, it doesnt matter if you are using a blogging app like Blogo or the browser. Start writing and hit the big publish button!

I hope that this guide has helped you get your idea of paper and start writing. As an ancient blogger once said:

The most important thing for anyone who is starting to blog is to actually write! So don’t waste your time in settings and customizations for now. Focus on creating good quality content, frequently. 🙂

If you want to receive more tips about blogging and writing, sign up to our newsletter. We’ll always keep you in the loop with fresh new content that help you be a better blogger. Keep blogging!


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