The Secret Ingredient To The Best Startup Fundraising Pitches

Another great post from Tomasz Tunguz

The most successful pitches argue the market will unfold inexorably in the way the founders envision on a relevant time scale. And, that this startup in particular will dominate share in that new world.
– via The Secret Ingredient to the Best Startup Fundraising Pitches

He continues:

There is no prescriptive way I can recommend to consistently argue inevitability. Some founders use data. Others use logic. Still others use emotion and passion to do it. But in the end, these exceptional storytellers make you want to believe, suspend doubt, and disregard the great risks that all startups face all along their journey, and get involved with the business.

The best resource I’ve found for understanding the techniques of great storytellers is Nancy Duarte’s book, Resonate. It’s the only book that explains the cadence and structure of great storytellers, comparing and contrasting Steve Jobs’ style with Richard Feynman’s and many others.


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